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Philippe’s specialties and expertise are hot news: innovation, artificial intelligence, disruption, growth, change and risk management by experimentation, digital transformation, intrapreneurship, growth hacking, corporate hacking, startup culture in enterprise, open innovation and prospective / futurology.

Flagship Conference Keynotes For Your Best Event Ever

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Innovate or agonize ?

It's your choice...

Raise your awareness of the cognitive mechanisms and biases that block or unleash innovation, agility and velocity within companies.

An experiential show that will mark you forever… and an introduction to Philippe’s book coming later this year!

Artificial Intelligence: if you dare!

Savior or criminal? - you decide.

Why and how to understand artificial intelligence? What can artificial intelligence do for your business? Dangers, realities and opportunities … The proposed exploration will create an optimistic space for reflection and will give you the audacity, even a furious desire, to go further!

Hacker's Guide to Disruption

How to be prepared for disruption and make it work for you

How did Uber happen? Understanding the mechanisms of disruption: why, when, how and by whom are you going to be disrupted? A shock for companies comfortable in their routine, ‘milking their own cows’ for years…

What's Next ?

The future is even cooler than you think!

Fans of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” will be especially intrigued. Beginning with today’s most innovative technologies, Philippe will take you on an educational and entertaining ride into the future with a compelling story of the exponential possibilities.

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Some dates are reserved up to 18 months in advance.





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Inspiring Conference keynotes on Innovation, Artificial intelligence, disruption and prospective

“We do not need to fear the future. You don’t have to predict it, because you will create it. 

Think further. Be different.”

Keynote Details

Target Audience: Executive Committees, Top Leaders (CEO/COO Enterprise or BU, HR, CDO/CIO/CITO, …), managers, project committees, groups of entrepreneurs, independents and anyone interested or intrigued by innovation.

Formats: Plenary conference, Opening Keynote, Closing Keynote, Executive Committee specific talk, lunch or dinner talk, convention, seminar, general assembly, workshop. A short format (TEDx – circa 20 minutes) is available for some topics. Master of Ceremony and animation of any event linked to innovation, with relevant live experiments, of course!

Extensions: EmCee (Master of Ceremony for the full event),  workshop or team building

Languages: English or French.

Talk locations: Anywhere in the world.

Certified Professional Speaker

Philippe Boulanger is the President-Elect of the French Professional Speakers Association.

Why Book Philippe

The experience of creating your best keynote ever can begin as early as 18 months in advance…

Experienced Keynote Speaker

While working for Apple, Philippe learned how to prepare the most impactful keynotes from one of the greatest American speaker: Steve Jobs.

Keynote tuned with your key messages

Philippe works directly with clients to help them clearly identify key messages they would like to convey to their participants. Artfully weaving these key messages into his core content, Philippe is able to craft a presentation tailored to your desired outcome.

They will remember your event forever

Philippe walks the talk: all his keynotes are innovative and prepared with interactive experiments in mind. Participants will remember your event forever. Conversations will continue long after the conference has ended.

Don’t wait to book one of those conference keynotes !

Some dates are reserved up to 18 months in advance.

What Clients Say

The satisfaction of participants is the logical and emotional consequence of a great keynote !

Super conference. Highly interesting, switching between concepts, methodologies and experiments… We are delighted !
Philippe succeeded in enlightening and surprising us with his live experiments on the formatting of our large corporations. I recommend Philippe to any corporation feeling ”stuck” as a result of their strong historic culture.
It’s by far THE best Annual Conference since its creation. Note : the best ever in 10 years !

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About Philippe Boulanger


Philippe begins his career as an entrepreneur, while still a PhD student in the IBM Research Centre in La Gaude (France). His career quickly evolves from independent software developer to CEO of a group of companies backed by venture capital.

After a period as Director of Business Unit for the Sagem Group, Philippe is hired by Apple to manage the « Communication Products and Technologies » group in Cupertino (CA), and supervise the European R&D Centre, at the return of Steve Jobs.

Recruited by Sony, Philippe returns to Europe to launch Vaio PCs, relaunch direct sales (Sony Style), launch the robot-dog Aibo, and stimulate new projects.  Before dedicating all of his time to speaking and consulting, Philippe accepts the position of Chief Technical Officer of Neopost Group, supervising more than 1100 employees and consultants spread over more than 20 locations across the world (from Brisbane, Australia to Seattle, WA). During his tenure he also founds and manages Neopost Labs, the arm of the Neopost Group’s internal innovation and open innovation.

Mentor and advisor to a few thoughtfully selected startups, Philippe is also a partner in Senseii Ventures, a seed stage venture capital fund started and owned by 20 entrepreneurs. In both ventures, his combined knowledge of the ecosystem of startups and that of the corporate world is one of his most formidable assets.

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France) and animated by his passion for sharing, Philippe intervenes at HEC and contributes to the jury of Wilco (ex-Scientipôle Initiative), granting loans to startup founders.

An enthusiastic member of the Ligue des Optimistes de France (League of Optimists), he shares his optimism and passion for innovation through his interventions with companies all over the globe.

Currently President Elect of the French Professional Speakers Association (AFCP), Philippe’s mandate will be 2020-2021.

Philippe is a professional speaker fighting for the future of our planet and therefore against climate change. He joined and each of his talks is planting trees.

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