Artificial Intelligence: if you dare!

Savior or criminal? - you decide.

This keynote is in competition with “Innovate or Agonize” as my most requested talk.

The recent happening of ChatGPT and generative AIs make this talk necessary for any organization which wonder about a efficient and ethic use of artificial intelligence.

In this keynote we explore why and how to understand artificial intelligence and what it can do for you and your company. Dangers, realities and opportunities…this exploration will create an optimistic space for reflection and give you the audacity, maybe even a furious desire, to go even further!

This content is appropriate for any audience. As is the case with every Philippe Boulanger presentation, education is punctuated with carefully chosen, interactive experiments that will powerfully illustrate how augmented we are right now, thanks to AI.

Ideal for companies seeking to understand the limits of the human brain, the limits of AI and how the two can work in unison to propel us into a more profitable and humane future.

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Impact: Embracing the opportunities provided by Artificial Intelligence in a pragmatic and operational way.

Typical Content

  • An introduction to the rapid acceleration of change with a delivered through storytelling about humanity and the game industry

Key message: “AI is a means to augmenting the humans”

  • Examples of AI already in use and making life better for everyone

Key message: “AI is already here, positively impacting many areas of our lives we may not even be aware of”

  • Impact of AI on jobs and workers

Key message: “We have the responsibility a to train our collaborators and AI provides us a great opportunity to do so”

  • AI isn’t perfect and may never be perfect.

Key message: “Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, AI can be biased as much as the human brain”

  • The potential impact of AI on your specific industry

Key message: “Not exploring how AI might enhance your business is criminal (not to mention costly!)”

Entertaining, interactive and often amusing experiments are used to powerfully illustrate these key messages and are the hallmark of Philippe’s keynotes.

No spoiler here, the experiments have significantly greater value when they are not known upfront.

Keynote format: 30 minutes to 90 minutes

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Artificial Intelligence: if you dare!

Savior or criminal? - you decide.

Why and how to understand artificial intelligence? What can artificial intelligence do for your business? Dangers, realities and opportunities … The proposed exploration will create an optimistic space for reflection and will give you the audacity, even a furious desire, to go further!

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