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Innovate or agonize ?

It's your choice...

Raise your awareness of the cognitive mechanisms and biases that block or unleash innovation, agility and velocity within companies.

An experiential show that will mark you forever… and an introduction to Philippe’s book coming later this year!

Artificial Intelligence: if you dare!

Savior or criminal? - you decide.

Why and how to understand artificial intelligence? What can artificial intelligence do for your business? Dangers, realities and opportunities … The proposed exploration will create an optimistic space for reflection and will give you the audacity, even a furious desire, to go further!

Hacker's Guide to Disruption

How to be prepared for disruption and make it work for you

How did Uber happen? Understanding the mechanisms of disruption: why, when, how and by whom are you going to be disrupted? A shock for companies comfortable in their routine, ‘milking their own cows’ for years…

What's Next ?

The future is even cooler than you think!

Fans of Netflix’s “Black Mirror” will be especially intrigued. Beginning with today’s most innovative technologies, Philippe will take you on an educational and entertaining ride into the future with a compelling story of the exponential possibilities.

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